Social Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Sparking Social Transformation

  • Gayle Broad NORDIK Institute, Algoma University
  • Jude Ortiz Research Coordinator, NORDIK Institute,
Keywords: social entrepreneurial ecosystems, community based research cycles, social innovation


For over five years, Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (SEE), a community partnership in Northern Ontario, has been developing a supportive ecosystem for social enterprise, entrepreneurship, and innovation. This article sheds light on how the SEE partnership has established a broad spectrum of supports and a healthy ecosystem for alternative economies in a northern, rural, and Indigenous region, from an initial focus on youth, with asset mapping and pop-up events, to its current emphasis on regional networking and train-the-trainer programs for economic development officers. This article argues that the partnership’s strong emphasis on community engagement and empowerment, and the cyclical nature of the community-based research methodology has enhanced the sustainability of the ecosystem and leads to systemic social innovation and transformation.

Author Biographies

Gayle Broad, NORDIK Institute, Algoma University
Research Associate, NORDIK Institute, Associate Professor Emerita, Algoma University
Jude Ortiz, Research Coordinator, NORDIK Institute,
Dr. Jude Ortiz is a Research Coordinator with NORDIK Institute and a visual artist.


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